Jan. 1st, 2020

Kermit – Being green

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Dec. 30th, 2011

Stana Katic — Castle S6 BTS

Odds: Never in my favor

I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and I have so much to say, mostly about the romance aspect, because that's what tends to get my attention in fandom. So here we go.

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Aug. 8th, 2007

Office: Jim/Pam – a-w-e-s-o-m-e

"I think I can have a career as a very specific type of decorator."

DUDE. Best day I've had in a very long time.

So this is how it went: Rebecca (babybonkerz87) posted that she was certain she knew where the Office set was located and asked if anyone wanted to join her to go see it, and I was interested, though I was frankly doubtful we'd get very far, and I was nervous to take off more time. But as previously stated, I have a lot of vacation time saved up, and I might as well enjoy myself while I'm still in town. In turn, I decided to take a half day off, and couldn't be happier I did.

So Chelsea (snoozeen), Rebecca and I left early this morning for Van Nuys, and the first amazing thing I spotted was this:

Welcome to Scranton! Holy crap!

The second exciting discovery was confirmation of what Chelsea had learned the night before, that they were filming outside today, and they were! After we parked, we started out just standing and watching the cast and crew from across the street, and shifted at some point to sitting on steps in the shade, which was much better with a fantastic view still. Bob Vance Vance Refrigeration was the first one to notice us, and from there there was much waving back and forth with actors, the most exciting to me being Creed, who I had never seen before in person. Grandpa!!

Underneath the cut, find pictures I took from across the street, and some details on what they were doing, so, some season premiere plot spoilers (nothing relationship-related though).

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AND NOW FOR THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE OF ALL. So after 4 hours (I think) of witnessing this and getting some food from a truck nearby, I was ready to get back to work, because I didn't want to soak up that much vacation time when it didn't seem like anything was going to happen. But we talked more during the cast/crew lunchbreak to a security guard, Marcus, who had greeted us earlier in the day and was very friendly. The most that happened during this time, when we were standing at the gate to Stage 3, the cast/crew lunch area, and the trailers in the distance) was waving to Mindy as well as Jenna (who I called out "I love you!" to, hehe; I'll meet her finally someday, when she's feeling better too). I think I said goodbye to Marcus a total of three times because I kept thinking we'd be leaving when we didn't, lol. He made it clear that we weren't allowed to go in, but before long, I was listening to his conversation with someone on the phone that we "be cool," that is to say, perfectly docile fans. And then Marcus said simply, "No pictures," and I was trying to figure out if he meant something other than do not take pictures from where you're standing.

And then–AND THEN!!!–a man approaches us and introduces himself as Kent, a producer on the show, and I said, "Zbornak?" Ding ding. He was like, "So you're big Office fans?" and we enthusiastically replied in the affirmative and AAAH he said he'd give us a tour and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS.

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Aug. 28th, 2006

Castle: Caskett – You've got this.

Attention: All individuals that don't watch Veronica Mars

I present to you:

The Six or Sixty Veronica Mars Guarantee

This is devoted to recruiting new fans for my beloved show. We need all the fans we can get. The threat of cancellation is not cool.

Here's how it works. I've uploaded the first six episodes of the show for you to download. Why six, exactly? Because after episode six (Return of the Kane), I was officially hooked on the series. So if it happened to me, it could happen to you...

...and if not, I'm going to compensate you for your wasted time. If you don't like Veronica Mars after watching the first six episodes, you can pick one of the following:

1. Sixty minutes of design work by yours truly (Anything! Web or print!)
2. Extra userpic time (two months)
3. Paid account (two months) if you don't have a paid account already (which is necessary for extra userpics, but if you choose this one, you don't get the userpic add-on as well, because I have to draw the line somewhere!)

And what do you get if you like the show? A new favorite show! It's a reward in itself, dude. I can certainly help you watch the rest of the episodes if you have difficulty (I highly recommend joining neptune_pirates). And season one is only 20 bucks at Best Buy right now.

So, here are the links to download (and don't worry VM folks, these aren't links directly from n_p; I uploaded them specifically for distributing here). Change the extension to .avi, and please speak up if you have troubles with any of the files. Enjoy!!

Episode 1x01 | 1x02 | 1x03 | 1x04 | 1x05 | 1x06

And if you want to watch a promotional trailer first with moments from the first and second season to better convince you to try it out, then here you go (I'd link to it directly on YouTube but related videos shown are spoilery).

Thank you!